IMAZ Week 17 Review

Well that was exhausting. Ironman training just got real. Last week saw the longest training week of my life, both in

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terms of time and distance. 158 miles. Over 14 and a half hours. What made it so tough was half of those 14 hours were just Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday I completed my longest training ride ever! 53 miles around west Austin, with some beautiful scenery and probably the hardest hill

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you’ll find within the city limits. So steep that I don’t think I could do it again. The only way I made it up was because I didn’t know it was there. Definitely proud of myself for riding all the way up, but I did have to stop and take a breather at the top before continuing on. With that huge ride behind me, I headed out for a fast 6.5 miles just as the sun was flexing its muscles. By the end I was dead and grateful to jump in the neighborhood pool to cool down.

Sunday started with a rough 14.5 mile run. My legs felt empty, and the humidity made sure any generally positive morale was sucked out of me. I got home, and with an hour bike ride scheduled, I had to respect the lack of energy and sat in the bathtub to cool down. It took the better part of the day to feel back to normal and I hopped on the bike trainer to crank out the ride inside. So I spent about 7 of the 48 weekend hours exercising.

One more week until I’m halfway to IMAZ! Yay! Ugh.


p>Seventeen weeks down, nineteen to go!

IMAZ Week 12 Review

Congratulations to me as I finished up my first trimester of training and move onto the second. It’s really my own way to break things up. The training plan really focuses on building a strong base for twenty-two weeks, so there’s still some time before a real change in training comes along.

Anyway, Week 12 was a good week! It started with the CapTexTri, which went great! I took a few days off to recover before hopping back in the pool and some biking. The weekend was harder than I planned, but I think I was still recovering from the race. Saturday had a great 35 mile ride, which led to a tough 12 mile run on Sunday. The legs are tired, but I’m feeling stronger!


p>Twelve weeks

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down, twenty-four to go!

IMAZ Week 9 Review

My longest week of training is in the books!  And by longest, I’m referring to ever.   Twelve hours of swimming, biking (and biking and biking) and running.

On Wednesday my company had its semi-annual Fun Run, though I question their definition of “fun”.  It was a world of pain, culminating in an overwhelming stab in my pride when I finished in second.  “Fun” times indeed!

On Saturday my neighbor Kevin and I drove way out to the boonies for a ride hosted by the Austin Cycling Association.  We both did the 50 mile course (opting not to do the 61, 78, or 105 mile routes…).  It was a great day to be out for ~3 hours and enjoy the rolling hills and beautiful weather.

Nine weeks down, twenty-seven to go!  That’s 25%!!!

IMAZ Week 7 Review

Week 7 was tough!  My body was definitely still in recovery mode from the Boston Marathon, but my brain said “suck it up”.  So after 6 days of complete rest, I picked up where I left off.  Turned out that was a major shock to my body and for most of the week I was exhausted.  The big ride on Saturday was hilly like whoa, which left me extra tired for Sunday’s brick run-bike.  Finishing up Sunday’s ride was a relief, though a peek at Week 8 washed that relief away.

Seven weeks down, twenty-nine to go!

imaz week7

IMAZ Week 4 Review

This Ironman training thing is tiring!  Put another week in the books.  It was another long-ish week, coming out to nearly 10 hours, and finishing up with a hard run.  Not exactly ideal for what should be tapering for THE BOSTON MARATHON, but it felt good.  Even as a long week, it was still pretty run-of-the-mill.  That is, except for Sunday.

To close out the week I ran the Statesman Cap 10k.  It’s the biggest 10k in Texas and 5th biggest in the US.  I won’t get into the details now (because you can read all about them here!), but it turned out to be a harder effort than I probably should have run.  So now it’s just a matter of taking it easy from now until next Monday.  Boston here I come!

Four weeks down, thirty-two to go!


IMAZ Week 3 Review

Week 3 is a wrap!  It was pretty uneventful, other than those pesky 9 workouts.  Most notable was getting my new bike all tuned up!  I swung by Bicycle Sport Shop just before Trailer Food Tuesdays to pick up my ride.  When I dropped it off on Saturday, I had gone in with the intent of only getting the  crank arm fixed so I could screw the pedal back in.  To fix that?  Only $30 and two days.  But I also needed (according to the mechanics) a new chain, a new cassette, both wheels trued, new pedals, and a deluxe tune-up.

Needless to say, a little more than just $30.  But whatever, I was getting a great bike back up to nearly new condition… almost.  I took the bike home assuming all was well and good.  You know what they say about assuming, right?  It means you’re an idiot.  It meant I needed to take the bike back Wednesday evening to address quite a few issues, namely the wheels weren’t trued, I needed new brake pads (which should have been discovered in the deluxe tune-up), and the shifters wouldn’t, well, shift into the big gears (another item that should have been caught in the tune-up).  Needless to say, not pleased with the level of service thus far.

Semi-redeeming, the service I received Wednesday night made everything better.  It may have taken an hour and a half, but they fixed up all of the things left undone from the tune-up.  So now I’m all set with a new, awesome bike that’s going to make me go really fast and tackle the 112 mile portion of the Ironman.

Here’s a preview of what the new bike looks like.  Full post coming in due time!


Three weeks down, thirty-three to go!


IMAZ Week 2 Review

Well I’m not dead yet!  Actually, that may be how I start a lot of these posts.  The week started out pretty tame swimming, a few two-a-days in a row, and a solid 10 mile run on Friday.  That 10 miler was in place of an optional swim day.  I am still training for a marathon, so I thought running might be a good idea.

The big news (which will get its own blog post soon) is that I got a new bike Thursday night!  It’s red and fast and awesome.  Anyway, with that new bike and 3 of my neighbors, we set off to tackle a charity ride that supports a school near our houses.  It was a cold, windy morning when we put our wheels down for the 42 mile route.  We planned to regroup at each rest stop and I took off to see what the new bike could do.  I was flying!  Well, at least when I wasn’t going uphill into a headwind, which is what the first 11 miles felt like.

Unfortunately, as a result of my own poor mechanic work, around mile 28.5 the left pedal loosened itself out of the crank arm, stripped the hell out of the crank arm, and then detached from the bike while still connected to my shoe.  I went another 1/2 mile on one leg and decided riding the last 13 miles on one leg wouldn’t be smart.  I hitched a ride with the SAG truck to the finish line and waited for my friends.  Not awesome, but the bike is great and I can’t wait to get it back from the shop!

On Sunday, with tired legs and a bad taste in my mouth from Saturday’s ride, I amped things up.  Hazel and I set off for a quick 5 miles (7:35 min/mi for the little one!  She’s fast.).  I then dropped her off and knocked out 13 more for a really solid 18 miler.  With no time goal for Boston, I was ecstatic with how things went!

To refuel, Ev, some friends, and I went up to Pflugerville for food trucks.  What did we sample?  Well among other things… deep fried beef ribs!  So.  So.  Good.  So good.  They were a combined effort from Hall of Flame BBQ and a new trailer that specializes in hushpuppies!  Overall a really good week of training.


Two weeks down, thirty-four to go!


IMAZ Week 1 Review

Preface: I’m going to try to give a quick recap of my Ironman training all the way up until the race. I’ll try

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to keep it brief, but no promises.

Consider training officially underway for Ironman Arizona! The first week was a gentle ramp-up in the form of ten workouts spread over 6 days. No question I have some work to do, especially in the pool. But the change of pace from run-only training to include biking and swimming has remotivated me! After my hip injury last month and scrapping my Boston goal, tri training has given me new focus.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned while tri training last year, my favorite part is seeing huge, immediate improvement. At this point, for me it’s hard to see big gains in running, but when you’re basically drowning on Day 1, Day 5 feels like you’re Michael Phelps! By my third swim day I was exhausted, but ready to dive back in for Week 2. So we’ll see how things progress from here.

One week down, thirty-five to go!



Ironman Arizona is For Real

Now that I’m coming around on the fact that I’m signed up for an Ironman, I realized I haven’t really said much about my training recently, so here’s a recap to bring you up to speed.

Since Ironman 70.3 Austin, I took some time off before ramping up for Boston training.  As you may or may not know, I had huge plans for the Boston Marathon: 3 hours.  Or really, 2:59:59.  That’s a huge threshold to break as a marathoner, and I wanted it bad.  Things got off to a slow start with a minor medical procedure, but I rebounded quickly.  I was feeling strong and my training runs were even better than when I qualified for Boston at Vermont.

And then things derailed in a major way.  After a great 21 mile run, my hip flexor called it quits.  I couldn’t run 100 yards without intense pain.  Now I’m pain-free thanks to physical therapy and a month off, but my Boston goal is out the window.  It’s 5 weeks away and I’m not quite back to where I was when I got injured.  So instead I’m going in another direction and starting my Ironman Arizona training.  Today.

It may seem early, starting 36 weeks before the race, but it’s an Ironman.  It doesn’t get harder than this.  2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run.  I need all the preparation I can get.  So I intend to run Boston for fun, using the fitness that I’ll build from triathlon training and carry it all the way through to November.

I’ll try to post regularly about my training in between all the food posts that have been coming up recently.  I’ll need to in order to burn off all these calories.

Now, off to the pool!