There’s a lot of running and eating that goes on here, but I can’t do it alone.  I have an amazing support crew that motivates me, whether it’s to finish a race or finish a meal.  I want to take some time to recognize my all-stars, even if one of them has four legs and no arms.


aka – Ev, Evie
Title – Team Manager, Coach
Favorite Race – Disney Goofy Challenge
Favorite Food Truck – Lucky’s Puccia

Ev and I met in 10th grade English and became friends right away.  Without getting into too many details, we dated throughout college and got married in December 2010 (I’m very convincing). She has supported me the entire time that I’ve been running, even getting me my very first Garmin watch. It’s highly unlikely I’d where I am now without her support.  Now I support her with her newest endeavor at b.o.m bakery.  Check it out.  Thank me later.


aka – Haze, Hazy, Hazelnut, Hazerbeam, Little Monster
Title – Team Mascot, Cheerleader
Favorite Race – Hottest Half Marathon
Favorite Food Truck – Coolhaus

Hazy came into our lives via Austin Dog Rescue about a month after we moved to Austin.  She was found in Lampasas, TX on the streets and taken to the pound.  She turned up heartworm positive (a nasty disease. Google at your own risk, not for the faint of heart) and was rescued by Austin Dog before she would have been put down.  Sad part over.  Since treatment and recovery Hazel has proven herself as, quite literally, the best dog anyone could hope for, droopy ear included.

And stay out of her way if she sees a squirrel:

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