This food shack shanty stand (?) is nothing to behold.   Situated in an unassuming parking lot of a Vespa store, Bananarchy is easy to miss.  The process is straightforward: choose your size (halfsie or whole), decide what you want it dipped in (chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, or vegan chocolate), and chose from a long list of toppings.

On my first visit, I swung by with the sole intention of trying out one of these specialty bananas.  The parking lot was dark, but the light in the stand was on (I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere).  I walked up and was greeted by a very “Austin” guy, went back and forth with what I wanted, and finally decided on a whole banana dipped in chocolate and topped with crushed Reese’s Pieces.  It comes skewered on a spoon with a glorious halo floating over top.  Boom!  Amazing!  I sat in my car for a good 15 minutes trying to wrap my head around how good this chocolately, peanut buttery gift from the heavens.

Round 2 was after Austin City Limits with Ev to introduce her to all that is frozen banana deliciousness.  This time we got to meet the two owners: regular* Austinites by day, Bananarchists by night.  We chatted a bit about the Bananarchistory of the food trailer. The lightbulb went off for the founder when she was up late in the midst of being sick and got the idea from a similar banana shop on the show Arrested Development.  Though a lot bit skeptical at first, Ev was impressed and won over by a PB-dipped halfsie topped with Oreos, the owner’s favorite!

All said, Bananarchy is a must-try, and there isn’t a bad combination to be made off the menu.  And let’s get serious, at its core, it’s a banana, so even non-runners can sweat the guilt and enjoy!

Name Bananarchy
Specialty Frozen Bananas
Location 600 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
Twitter @bananarchy_atx

*As “regular” as you can be in Austin.

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