Big or Small – Week 9 Review

We’re more than halfway through Week 10, but last week (9) was a week of no middle-ground.  It came down to “do you want to run 6 miles, or do a long run?” Well, looking back, my answer is most certainly “6 miles”.  The long runs were rough; each time I was just counting down the time until I could stop.  At least the shorter 6 mile runs (three of them last week) were short enough that I could deal.

Coming off of my 20-miler from the weekend before, and running with the guys on Monday, I needed a rest day like whoa on Tuesday.  The issue with taking Tuesday off is four straight days of running for the rest of the week, starting with 14 miles.  Wednesday’s 14 miler was terrible.  My humidometer broke due to astronomical readings.  The screen cracked after the 195% mark.  Anyway, I really struggled, which I’ll blame on lack of sleep, lots of miles the previous week, and the humidiculous weather.

Hazel made huge improvements in her training, so it wasn’t all negative soap-opera drama.  Thursday she crushed 2.25 miles, and not wanting to let the training benefits dissolve away, she busted out 2.6 miles on Friday.  She said she felt good after and that her goal is to get up to 5 or 6 miles.  Seeing as how she’s a dog, this conversation all took place in my head.  I’m not crazy.  Yes you are. Sigh.

Finally Saturday I woke up before I even went to bed (read: early) to crank out 16 miles before my 10am flight.  The run was no good, but let me get to the good part.  At the airport I cruised through security with lots of time before boarding, so I rolled up to The Salt Lick taco stand.  Bar-none, hands-down, no-questions-asked: best breakfast taco of my life.  Since moving to Austin I’ve had my fair share of breakfast tacos, but this tortilla, loaded with eggs, topped with pulled pork, and soaked in BBQ sauce, blew my mind.  I’m considering buying some plane tickets just to get through security to buy more of these tacos.  Until then, I’m looking forward to my next flight to anywhere.  Hopefully Week 10 runs more smoothly!

Doesn't look like much, but it will change your life.

Distance Time Pace Heart Rate
Monday 6.05 Miles 58:15 9:36 min/mi 140 bpm
Wednesday 14.20 Miles 2:00:05 8:27 min/mi 159 bpm
Thursday 6.24 Miles 56:15 9:01 min/mi 144 bpm
Friday 6.13 Miles 53:58 8:48 min/mi 144 bpm
Saturday 16.10 Miles 2:12:23 8:13 min/mi 159 bpm
Total 48.70 Miles 7:00:57 8:38 min/mi 152 bpm

2 thoughts on “Big or Small – Week 9 Review

  1. Colin says:

    I believe the correct term for a humidometer is a hygrometer. Also, that breakfast taco sounds amazing. Too bad I won’t be leaving Austin airport in the morning.

    • Mike says:

      Dork. Also, yea, the bfast tacos are only available until 10:30am. It’s almost worth going to the airport for breakfast, letting you go through security and getting a couple, and then heading home until your flight later that night.

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