Holy Cacao

Truly bridging the two topics of this blog, my visit to Holy Cacao brought their A-game to the party.  Holy Cacao specializes in cake balls on a stick.  You’ll have to check out their website to wrap your head around that one.  Anyway, after any Saturday long run I look forward to a “treat” to reward myself.  Honestly, it’s probably what gets me through the last 4 miles of all my long runs.  Some usual suspects include Amy’s Ice Creams and any cupcakery in the area.  Don’t overlook the ice cream and cake components of my go-to treats.

After a 17 miler earlier this month, I wanted to see what unusual suspect was available for the binging to take back all those calories I left on the road.  After 0.0232 seconds I came across Holy Cacao, and more specifically, their cake shake. Definition from their website: “Milkshake plus cake, what could be better?”  Nothing.  That’s what.  The deal is, you choose an ice cream flavor (vanilla or chocolate) and then a cake flavor (whatever they have that day, ranging from the tame chocolate cake to the wacky Shiner Beer cake).  The day I visited, they had white, chocolate, Shiner, and carrot cakes.  For me, the choice was simple: vanilla ice cream and carrot cake.

The girl in the window took my order and then proceeded scoop the ice cream into the blender.  What happened next was glorious: she took out a giant sheet cake, broke off a chunk, and just tossed it in the blender.  It was like part of a glacier breaking off into the ocean.  Add a little milk, throw on the lid, and we’re ready for business.  The cacao-phony* from the blender was pleasantly discordant with the anticipated calorie bomb to come.  Donned with a bubble tea straw (approximately 4 inches in diameter), I began inhaling this united duo of cake and ice cream.  A true treat from the heavens!

To be honest, I had to take a break about 2/3 of the way through.  It is so big.  But the bits of cake suspended in the milkshake is far better than I would have guessed.  I highly recommend you add the cake shake to your bucket list, which no doubt will play a part in shortening the amount of time you have to complete your bucket list.  Make a day out of it and visit the hot dog stand to its left or taco stand to its right for a full assault on your insides.  A delicious, delicious assault.

Name Holy Cacao
Specialty Cake Balls
Location 1311 S First St
Austin, TX 78704
Website http://www.theholycacao.com/
Twitter @holycacao


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