Meh – Week 5 Review

Ah, Week 5, what can I say about you?  Not much.  Monday was tough, Tuesday was fine, Wednesday was typical, Friday was extended, and Saturday, well Saturday is noteworthy.

In fact, it was noteworthy because I didn’t run at all on Saturday.  Instead of 16 scheduled miles, I ran zero.  How can that be?

Well, if you hearken back to my earlier post asking you fine readers if I should run the Hottest Half Marathon, a whopping 11 votes (out of 56 page views, wtf??) majoritatively (new word) said I should run the race.  When the people speak, I listen (except for here when I asked and didn’t listen).  More on that race in my forthcoming race report.  Anyway, the underlying theme here is that Week 5 offered little in the way of interesting.  One item worth a hoot: I’m 18 for 18 on scheduled runs so far in this training plan.  Hoot!

Distance Time Pace Heart Rate
Monday 9.06 Miles 1:10:34 7:47 min/mi 164 bpm
Tuesday 5.41 Miles 51:29 9:31 min/mi 140 bpm
Wednesday 9.72 Miles 1:19:17 8:10 min/mi 159 bpm
Friday 6.07 Miles 54:28 8:58 min/mi 145 bpm
Sunday 13.28 Miles 1:40:29 7:34 min/mi 174 bpm
Total 43.54 Miles 5:56:20 8:11 min/mi 159 bpm

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