I Need to Wear What?

Texas weather has proven itself to be a bit fickle lately.  Back when I lived and ran in the nation’s capital, I knew what to expect each morning for entire seasons at a time.  Winter was particularly predictable: cold, dark, terrible, character-building.  Well, here in Texas it’s a toss up. I thought I’d share my two outfits man-clothes from back-to-back days from last week.


——Short-sleeve shirt
——Long-sleeve shirt
——Compression shorts





As you can see from the pictures, things were vastly different. Friday I double- (and triple-) layered to make sure I didn’t freeze. Saturday, on the other hand, may have gotten me arrested in some countries. Normally it ain’t no thang, but recently it’s been a bit of a challenge to predict the weather. Who knew Austin would be so weird?

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