Skyscraper – Week 7 Review

After a great weekend in Seattle it was back to the Austin grindstone for Week 7 of training. Things started off a bit shaky with a red-eye that netted me about 3 hours of sleep taking me straight from the airport to the office. To make up for the lost morning I laid down 7 easy miles in 102* heat after work.

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The heart rate was higher than a normal recovery, but I’m ok with that. My goal was to simply survive. Tuesday was even less fun, feeling nauseous during and after the run. I think my body was still out of whack from the travel and weird sleep schedule, but I got through it.

Thursday’s tempo 10 miler was just bad. Instead of getting 6 quality half marathon pace miles, I got 4 slower-than-marathon pace miles. Let’s not talk about it, ok? ok. After an easy recovery on Friday I got myself geared up for Saturday’s 20 miler. It was the first of three 20 milers in this training plan and actually went surprisingly well. I chalk it up to cloud coverage more than anything. The big news for the day/week was actually what came after the 20 miler, in the form of the Coolhaus Skyscraper!

Overall not a great training week, especially after a solid Week 6. I’ll say the cards were a bit stacked against me though, so I’m looking forward to moving into a semi-recovery Week 8 and resuming the running domination.

Distance Time Pace Heart Rate
Monday 7.04 Miles 1:06:07 9:24 min/mi 147 bpm
Tuesday 12.10 Miles 1:42:20 8:28 min/mi 149 bpm
Thursday 10.00 Miles 1:20:40 8:04 min/mi 160 bpm
Friday 5.00 Miles 47:34 9:31 min/mi 140 bpm
Saturday 20.02 Miles 2:48:29 8:25 min/mi 158 bpm
Total 54.15 Miles 7:45:11 8:35 min/mi 153 bpm

Thoughts? Leave a comment!