The Peached Tortilla’s New Endeavors

As far as food trucks go The Peached Tortilla is on my short-list of best evers.  They focus on the highest quality food with new and exciting flavors, all while remembering everyone’s name.  Their primary focus is on tacos and sliders made with unique combinations like crunchy catfish or pork belly (banh mi).  On yesterday’s visit I went with the intentions of trying one of their new burritos.  And let me stop you right there– burritos are not just bigger tacos.

I’ll start by saying the BBQ brisket slider from TPT is in my top 2 favorite trailer foods (the other being the Green Chile Pork Taco from Torchy’s).  I have a strategy when it comes to ordering, always getting a BBQ brisket slider and then trying something new.  This time, however, I went in ready to deviate from my fail-safe plan.  As I waited in the long line I reviewed every untested item on the menu, ingredient by ingredient, until I was satisfied that I’d be, well, satisfied.

Right when I reached the front of the line (greeted personally by the owner, Eric) I decided I still had to get the BBQ brisket that I know and love.  However this time I went for it in one of the new burritos, complete with rice, creamy slaw, smoky BBQ sauce, and of course the optional fried egg.  That’s not all I ordered, but I’ll get to that in a minute.  I buckled the bag containing my lunch into the passenger seat next to me and headed back to the office.

I unwrapped what felt like a brick from the foil and locked my elbows into proper burrito eating position.  The first bite introduced me to the soft, chewy tortilla, white rice, and a crunch from the slaw.  It also gave me a glimpse at the BBQ brisket that lay ahead.  The next bite I got all the tender brisket and sweet & smoky BBQ sauce I could want.  Finally in the third bite everything came together when the fried egg made an appearance.  It didn’t take long for me to polish off the rest.

The verdict?  Hands-down delicious.  But with the bar set so high from the rest of the menu, I’m not sure it quite stacks up.  The high points include how deceptively filling the burrito was, thanks in large part to the generous hands that put it together.  The fried egg is a must have, no questions asked.  And all of the ingredients were as good on their own as when they played together.  The meat was fantastic.  Where I wasn’t as impressed was primarily with the proportion of ingredients to each other.  I thought it was a little heavy on the rice, an uneven shot of the sauce, and not quite enough slaw.  I’d say: The burrito was good; the slider is king.

And now for something completely different.  The Peached Tortilla partnered up with Sweet Pop Shop, a bakery near UT Campus that specializes in cake pops (orbs of moist cake covered in a fondant-like coating and skewered for consumption).  Though I’ve never tried one, they’ve had them stocked in the truck for awhile.  On this day the Peached Tortilla’s Twitter feed was buzzing with two new special flavors: Maker’s Mark & Coke, and Maker’s Mark Manhattan.  Exactly.

I first tried the Maker’s Manhattan. Wow, flavor central! The white cake inside was definitely soaked with the bourbon and then sealed in that familiar Maker’s Mark wax red fondant coating.  The alcohol flavor never felt unnecessary.  It was super balanced (can something be super balanced? like saying ‘very medium’) and hit all my tastebuds exactly where and when I wanted.  I was truly impressed.


Next up was the Maker’s & Coke.  With my expectations high from the first cake pop I wasn’t sure how this would stack up.  My first surprise was that the cake was chocolate, soaked as thoroughly (and deliciously) as the Manhattan.  It also had a little more sweetness from the Coke, which took it to a new level that I didn’t even know existed.  I am willing to say, right here, that the Maker’s & Coke cake pop is the best cake ball in the city.

I recently learned that these Maker’s Mark flavors are only sold by the Peached Tortilla and not at the Sweet Pop Shop bakery.  So do yourself a favor get on the Twitter to track down some awesome lunch, dinner, or fourth-meal (late-night) and then grab a few of these cake pops.


4 thoughts on “The Peached Tortilla’s New Endeavors

    • Mike says:

      Austin Cake Ball (ACB) was better than expected. We tried it a little after having The Holy Cacao (THC) ( | The ACB cake balls were noticeably larger, and didn’t come on a stick. The flavors were very good, some better than others, but overall I preferred THC.

      Now specifically the Maker’s Mark & Coke cake ball from The Peached Tortilla was better than any other I’ve had.

      It sounds like a cake ball throwdown is in order. Clear your calendar and we’ll get this under way 🙂

    • Evelyn says:

      I’d have to disagree with Mike here! While I loved the flavor of the Maker’s sweet pops, I was not a fan of the red fondant they use — way too sweet!! But other ATX cake balls should get more creative with their flavors! This one was way good.

  1. Maria says:

    OK ok…. Sounds like we’ve got some taste testing to do. I’m trying to convince Charlie that a cake ball display would be a good substitute for a groom’s cake, but I don’t know if I’ve won that battle yet. Maybe we can do a few flavors from each! I had the austin cake balls recently and thought they were so delicious and flavorful. Looking forward to trying some cake pops soon.

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