Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Happy New Year everyone!  There’s a lot to look forward to in 2012 like goals, resolutions, and the end of days.  But first I want to take a quick look back at 2011.  It really started with a shift away from running.  I completed my first triathlon (and three total).  I was sure transitioning to triathlons was going to be the theme of 2011.  Well, after a big scheduling issue, I refocused on running.

Even with my stint in the triathlon world, I had some pretty good totals for the year.  Overall I ran 1623 miles* in 219 hours 28 minutes.  That comes out to 8:06 min/mi (or 7.4 mph for you treadmill folk).  Also, my average run was a hair over 8 miles.  I set my half marathon PR and marathon PR this year too!  I consider it a big success.

As for my 2012 goals, here’s what’s up:

I want to run 2000 miles this year.  If you want to be cute, 2012 miles would work too.  That comes out to 168 miles per month.  It’s doable, but somewhat dependent on the next goal.

Here’s the big one:  I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon (run a marathon under 3:04:59).  As of now I’m off by about 11 minutes 30 seconds.  My target race is going to be the Vermont Marathon in late May with Colin.  Between now and then my training is going to get cranked up to 11.  If I qualify for Boston in Vermont, I may re-refocus on the triathlon scene.  If not, we’ll keep on chugging away.

So 2012 has its work cut out for itself.  I’ll keep blogging if you keep reading.  Deal?  Good.  Stay classy.

*PS- Colin ran 2627 miles in 2011.  1000 miles more than I did!  Insanity.


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