Vermont Status Check: 13 Days to go

My last long run is in the books.  17 miles (well, 16.3).  56 miles last week.  Two weeks to go.  Things are starting to get real.  Friday and Saturday served up back-to-back hard runs and my body exceeded expectations.  Friday I crushed a hard tempo workout.  Saturday was all kinds of hills and speed.  Both were fantastic.  All in all, I’m feeling strong right now.

On the flip side, the weather forecast is playing some sick joke on me.  When I first started tracking it on May 7th, everything looked amazing!  Like, too good to be true.  Well, I guess it was because a few days later, it skyrockeded 20 degrees to near-Austin temperatures.  Like any good runner, I started moping.  But!  Yesterday things took a turn for the best!  Inexplicably the race day high dropped 20 degrees again back down to darn-near perfect.  Yay!  Or so I thought.  Today, whoever fudged the keyboard yesterday figured it out, and updated the race day weather back up to 83 degrees.  Sigh.

No matter!  My recent hard workouts were awesome and the weather here was the same as the current race predictions.  I’m feeling good.  There’s still a lot of time until race day, but I think we can do this!

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