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My eyes were recently opened to a site called Goldbely, offering much-wanted, doubtfully-needed specialty foods.  Their whole purpose is to make regional favorites more accessible to people who have fewer than one personal jet.  Some of the more interesting options include Philly cheesesteaks from Philadelphia (duh), crab cakes from Maryland, and bagels from New York.  As for my first foray into Goldbely I took advantage of a coupon to Cape Whoopies.

Cape Whoopies Goldbelly All

I placed an order for a mixed dozen of whoopie pies to be shipped to my door direct from Cape Whoopies in Maine.  Through Goldbely I chose four different flavors (out of twelve options) and received three of each.  As someone typically paralyzed by food indecision, I struggled mightily.  But finally I did choose, and before I knew it, they were on their way!  So, onto the whoopie pies!

It has come to my attention that whoopie pies are not universally known.  Basically they are cookie/cake hybrids filled with marshmallow fluff or flavored frosting.

Cape Whoopies Goldbelly Boston Strong

The first, and really the one I had to get, is called Boston Strong. It’s vanilla cake with vanilla filling and a special fudge layer.  The vanilla on vanilla is simple, and the fudge has a perfect consistency that stays in place without being too chewy like caramel.

Cape Whoopies Goldbelly Tall Dark Handsome

Next out of the box I tried the Tall Dark and Handsome (my nickname!  just kidding, I’m not that tall).  The chocolate cake rocks, but got overpowered by the huge almond flavor.  I love almond extract, but I think this was a bit heavy-handed.  The small pieces of crunchy almonds in the filling were a nice touch though.

Cape Whoopies Goldbelly Marylou's Fav

My favorite is named after someone with excellent taste.  Marylou’s Fav is the same great chocolate cake but with peanut butter filling.  That not-too-sweet, perfectly peanut buttery filling is studded with crunchy peanuts and should be spread on everything.  Everything!

Cape Whoopies Goldbelly Bromance

Last up is the Bromance.  The vanilla cake gets some nice texture from chocolate chips and sandwiches the vanilla filling.  Probably my second favorite of the four.

I thoroughly enjoyed these whoopie pies, but there are some logistical issues like shipping temperature-sensitive food in the summer to Texas.  A lot of the whoopie pies arrived in some sort misshapen form from travel.  But that didn’t stop them from being delicious.  Bonus points for being freezer-friendly!  I love being able to grab one whenever I want, even if it’s a little wonky.  If you’re craving something from your childhood or just a treat that you can’t get without a cross-country flight, Goldbely can make your dreams come true.

PSA: I have no affiliation with Goldbely or Cape Whoopies, and wrote this out of my own love for delicious food and wanting to share that with you.

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