Tackling the Bucket List

2013 was a pretty huge year for my “Bucket List”, even if I didn’t know I had a Bucket List. Looking back, I knocked out quite a few “once in a lifetime”, or at least “big ticket” things in very short succession. It’s actually hard to believe it all happened last year.


We were treated to an amazing trip with my family to the Galapagos Islands last February. It was an incredible, is-this-really-happening vacation to one of the most remote places on Earth. We learned saw firsthand how, when left generally undisturbed, animals adapt and evolve to their environments, even if only separated by a few miles. I’m looking at you, salt-sneezing marine iguana.

land iguana galapagos

Not two months later, in April I had the chance to run the Boston Marathon. Without question the top of any distance runner’s goals. It took twelve marathons to qualify, but it happened, and even a terrorist attack couldn’t shake the spirit and emotion of the race. Colin and I ran side by side the entire time and drank it all in. And now I get to show off my sweet jacket.

boston marathon mikes

In a more typical “Bucket List” context, I checked off skydiving the weekend of my sister’s wedding. The best man (the groom’s brother) tried to rally the eight groomsmen to steal the groom away for some surprise “fun” the morning of the wedding. Ultimately I was the only one to take him up on it*, and the three of us went out to a sketchy operation — who needs a paved runway, jumpsuits, or a real door on the plane? But we all jumped and certainly made the great weekend even more memorable.

*Have I mentioned how amazing my wife is?

photo 1

The big kahuna in 2013 was Ironman Arizona. Nine months of training led to the biggest physical challenge of my life. Without question it was a blast (really!) and I’d love to do it again (really!), but I absolutely don’t want to train for it again. Talk about sacrifices*. But that feeling of setting a HUGE goal, making a plan to achieve that goal, and then completely crushing that goal cannot be described.

*Have I mentioned how amazing my wife is?

IMAZ medal

Finally, directly tied to finishing an Ironman, I got my first (and last) tattoo*. I kept it classy and sensible on my right calf. Tattoos are serious business, but I decided this was worth it because no matter what happens, I will always be an Ironman.

*Have I mentioned how amazing my wife is?

imaz tattoo

And considering all of those great experiences, 2014 is going to make all of

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that seem like peanuts. We have a little one expected in June*, and I can’t imagine anything more exciting, scary, and fun than becoming a dad!


p>*Have I mentioned how amazing my wife is?

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