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It’s been awhile since we last talked.  I blame it on the economy prior commitments, but could have also been due to Michael Jackson’s untimely departure.  Ok, let’s get serious, I don’t have prior commitments…

Anyway, this past weekend Colin was in town (worth noting: not to see me) so we planned on getting a non-race run in together.  Yes, a non-race run.  The only times we have run together in the last 4 years has been for races, and quite a few at that.  Imagine my excitement when I could take him on a “tour” of my turf!  Like a little school girl when she receives her first Beanie Baby iPhone… times have changed…

Anyway, we had 17 miles on the calendar and that’s what we did.  My initial route was more like 19 or 20, which is too bad because it would have been an awesome display of what DC has to offer.  But I cut it down to 17 miles and we were good to go.  I hyped it up to show off the mountains of the District that would impose a quad thrashing like no other.  We had agreeable weather that stayed cool enough during the early hills and then heated up on the downhills.  So a “thank you” is in order for the weather man.  The highlight in my mind was going to be the no-cars-allowed section of Beach Dr.  In an effort to thwart my promises of a car-free zone someone decided to require immediate medical attention.  Selfish!  So we had to navigate around some ambulances and a police car, which in turn passed us back after they were done ambulancing and policing.  Graciously, Colin let this slide.

We approached the “mountain” portion around mile 9 but actually handled it pretty well.  The pace was even the whole time, something I typically have trouble with on my own.  At the top of the mountain, right next door to the National Cathedral, we deviated from my normal route and headed into No Man’s Land (that area northwest of Georgetown) and saw some new scenery.  The long downhills were much appreciated.  After a quick jaunt through Georgetown (thankfully before the shops opened) we were back at my place.

It was a great change to run with someone, especially a formidable rival.  It definitely helped the nearly 2 and half hours fly by.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there are any more rendezvous in the foreseeable future.

PS- It’s worth mentioning that we swung by Good Stuff afterwards for burgers and shakes.  Epic.  How could a Milky Way milkshake be anything but outrageous?  It can’t.



Distance: 17 miles
Time: 2:25:57
Pace: 8:34 min/mile
Average HR: 158 bpm (174 bpm max)

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