Go Big or Go Home – Week 11 Review

My training plan is affectionately known as the Pfitz 55/18.  If we break it down, it represents an 18-week plan that peaks at 55 miles.  It only hits 55 miles once, and it happened to be week 11.  Looking back, it wasn’t too bad.  However, being in the midst of the onslaught of miles is another story.

At this point this post is LONG overdue, so we’ll keep it short, which seems fitting (or not) for the longest training week.  During the long week I tried not to push too hard.  The only gauge I had for that (other than my totally uncalibrated, inaccurate “perceived effort” meter) was my heart rate.  Monday I had my lowest heart rate on any moderate distance run ever.  It was a good recovery pace, but it wasn’t super slow.  We’re not talking glacial, just slug-ish.  At any rate (pace pun?), I bested myself later in the week with an even lower heart rate.  Now, don’t get too excited, you don’t want to elevate your own heart rate too much reading about my low heart rate.

The 20 miler on Saturday (number two of three 20 milers in this training plan) went alright.  Started off on the easy side, then the middle was epic, and then I just held on to finish.  Overall the pace was solid, but I’d call the run just above average.  I felt unstoppable (more than usual at least) during that middle miles 7-14 until a cramp started, um, cramping my style.  The week as a whole was good and I didn’t come out of it feeling too worn out.  Let’s try to keep it up before one of us flatlines.

Distance Time Pace Heart Rate
Monday 7.45 Miles 1:10:11 9:25 min/mi 137 bpm
Tuesday 11.06 Miles 1:26:32 7:49 min/mi 158 bpm
Thursday 12.10 Miles 1:41:55 8:25 min/mi 154 bpm
Friday 5.03 Miles 47:58 9:32 min/mi 134 bpm
Saturday 20.00 Miles 2:44:14 8:12 min/mi 154 bpm
Total 55.63 Miles 7:50:52 8:27 min/mi 151 bpm

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