Move it or Lose it

Oh, hello there.  I didn’t see you.  Please don’t sneak up on me again.  Anyway, now that you’re here, I have some news to share with you.  As far as hobbies go, you know I dabble in running.  I’ve written about it once or twice.  Well, it’s not all determination and a strong work ethic to get me out the door, though those certainly play a big part.  In order to move 50+ miles a week, you gotta eat, so I think it’s only fair to give some face time to the yin of my running yang.


My goal is to combine my two favorite past-times in a single, all-inclusive, one-stop-shop (etc) to share my training and eating adventures.  I promise to keep it debatably funny and mildly interesting, so join me, will you?  And please, don’t sneak up on me again.  Thanks.

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