The Lull after a Marathon

Miami was my eighth (count ’em, 8 ) marathon. After (almost) all of them I take about a week off and then hop right back into it. This time is different, with no race on the calendar. It’s rare for Mikey here to not have at least a few races on the horizon. It provides motivation to train and just something to look forward to; a change of pace, no pun intended. However, with a few “real-life” unknowns in the near future, I have restrained myself from registering for any races. Since Miami, I took 2 weeks off from running completely. I barely even ran to get across an intersection, let alone log any miles during that time. And you know what? It was nice. Real nice. Sleeping in, not worrying about when I’ll get out for 2+ hours to run, and just straight up relaxing. Because let’s face it.. I relax like I run. I relax hard.


p>Anyway, it’s been a weird month and change since the marathon. The National Half Marathon is on March 20th here in the District, so I’ve been eying (apparently not spelled “eyeing”)

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game. Including tax, we’re talking almost ninety-three Washingtons. For the fans of the Civil War, that’s almost nineteen Lincolns or nearly two Grants (I suspect if the South had won, Bob E. Lee would be on the Fifty, wouldn’t he? Go North, ftw!). I’ll have more to follow regarding the National Half. But at least, you, as my only reader, know what I have been up to. So, thank you for your continued readership and maybe someday it will double! A boy can dream…

3 thoughts on “The Lull after a Marathon

  1. Evelyn says:

    I think you failed to mention your dabblings with non-running excercise routines. All good cross-training so you can be bigger, stronger, faster, (flexibler?), when you get back on the marathon circuit.

    And oh, don’t do it. Spend the $90 on something else… Like me. Just kidding. Kinda.

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