Bola Pizza

Close your eyes for a moment (figuratively, or else how would you read this?).  You take a bite of [something].  Wow!  That’s the best [something] you’ve ever eaten!  Now take another bite.  Whoa, could that be the best anything you’ve ever eaten?  On one fateful Saturday after a blustery 12 miles in the wind and rain around Town Lake I stopped at the downtown farmers’ market.  For weeks I’d been eyeing the blue mobile brick oven stationed at one end of the vendor strip.  Well this day was the day I’d get me some mobile pizza.  Fair warning, if you’re prone to getting jealous easily, now would be a good time to stop reading.

I had been to this farmers’ market before and caught glimpses of what was going on in and around the pizza oven, but the stars never aligned for me to pick one up for myself.  Thankfully on this day I had the opportunity to step up to the tent with the intention of buying some made-with-love breakfast.  Yes, breakfast.

Greeted by a cheerful pair of ladies to take my order I told them I’d like a Breakfast Pie.  When asked “would you like a second egg on that?” I rolled my eyes as if it were a ridiculous question… and said “of course”.  I was told to come back in 10 minutes to pick up my masterpiece.  I wandered the market, never straying more than 15 feet from Bola, conspicuously walking by every 90 seconds hoping my order was ready.

Finally 9 minutes after ordering I hear the most beautiful sound in the world: “MIKE!!!!“.  I quickly snatched up my box and scurried away to my car, stopping only briefly to take the below picture to preserve my journalistic integrity.  Cut into six slices, I couldn’t resist digging into my first wedge immediately after locking myself in my car.  At that exact moment I blacked out.  Fortunately my car’s surveillance camera captured the euphoria that washed over me.  The chewy dough, salty speck*, sweet onion, sharp cheddar, and creamy egg crushed me.  Epic.

Without exaggeration this breakfast pizza is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.  Now, it’s fully possible that my opinion and reaction to this pizza are biased by the fact that I had just run 12 miles, had been caught in the rain and out in the cold for about two hours, and famished.  HOWEVER, also possible and more likely is that this pizza was, is, and forever will be simply perfect.  My advice to you: go git you some. right. now.

*Speck is a cured ham, like prosciutto, and full of salty, hammy goodness.

3 thoughts on “Bola Pizza

  1. I have been dying to try Bola Pizza, and this just sealed the deal for me. I followed their blog as they built their masterpiece of an oven, but just haven’t gotten around to tracking them down yet. Are they usually there on Saturday mornings?

    • Mike says:

      Hey Amy! Yep, they’re there every Saturday in Republic Square. I don’t know how quickly they sell out, but I know that they do eventually sell out of several kinds. Enjoy!

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