Push Yourself

Thanks to some Twitter motivation, Ev and I are embarking on The Push Up Challenge. The brainchild of @melruns and encouraged by Austin Fit Magazine, the idea is simple:

Day 1 – Do 1 push up

Day 2 – Do 2 push ups

Here’s where it gets tricky

Day 3 – Do 4 push ups

Day 4 – Do 8 push ups


p>Each day double the number of push ups from the day before. Take this all the way up to 100 push ups (or for the binary-minded, 128 push ups). It’s a daily goal, not an in-a-row goal, so it’s fair game to break them up. Just get them done, however you need. After that you can keep increasing or just

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stay at 100 per day. The choice is yours. Good luck and get started!

3 thoughts on “Push Yourself

  1. Another (less exponential) push-up program can be found at

    In my two decades of running and all the cross-training that comes along with it, I believe that there is no single better dryland core exercise than the push-up.

    No push-up related article is complete without the requisite youtube link:

    • Mike says:

      The first title for this post was “Push It Real Good” but wanted to keep it family-friendly and changed it 🙂 With that in mind, I will definitely leave this video up.

      I had also started that 100 push up plan but fizzled out somewhere around 55.

      Thanks Rich!

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