Race Preview: Chicago with Team VW

Well it’s that time.  This Sunday is the Chicago Marathon and I’m all geared up to be part of Team VW!  I’m really looking forward to everything that’s going to happen this weekend.  The Team VW organizers have sent us a few instructions about where to be and when, what to wear, and what to expect.  Oh, and there’s also that whole running a marathon thing going on too.  So here’s a little preview of what to expect between Friday and Sunday.

We’re flying to the Windy City Friday morning.  The plan for the day is to have no plan, meaning just see where the day takes us.  We may go over to the race expo Friday if nothing else strikes our fancy after lunch.  Saturday Team VW wants the whole team to meet at the expo center at 2pm for a group gathering and to meet a special guest.  Gleaning from other emails I realize the I am not that special guest.  Instead it’s like Dean Karnazes, as in the super ultramarathoner who has all kinds of crazy feats to his name (just Google him).  After the Team VW meet up we have dinner plans for some fancy Italian and then off to a good night’s rest.

So yea, after all the Team VW hoopla there’s that marathon business to take care of.  Here are few numbers for you:

  • This is my 11th marathon;
  • I ran Chicago in 2009 and set a PR (at the time) of 3:28:02;
  • My I’ll-be-happy goal for this year’s race is 3:30:00 (8:00 min/mi);
  • My I’ll-be-really-happy goal is 3:28:01 (7:56 min/mi);
  • My I’ll-be-crazy-ecstatic goal is 3:22:33 (7:43 min/mi);
  • Temperatures for the race will be warm (by Chicago standards), starting in the low 60s and getting up to the low 70s
Those “warm” temps actually elevated the race’s Alert Status from Green to Yellow.  You know what I say to that?  The hotter the better.  With Austin’s 90 days over 100 degrees this year I feel prepared for any “heat wave” that might show its face.  I feel ready for the distance and excited for the crowds.  Team VW is going to be set up with a cheering section around Mile 8, so that’ll give a good boost once I get into a rhythm.  The only question now is, what am I going to eat after the race?  Deep dish pizza?  Chicago-style hot dog?  Only time will tell.  See you after the race!

2 thoughts on “Race Preview: Chicago with Team VW

  1. Colin says:

    Hope the travel goes smoothly! If I were a betting man I’d be putting my money on those really happy / crazy ecstatic goals.

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