Recovery – Week 5 Review [brief]

Sometimes you need an easy week and sometimes you don’t.  Last week was one of those times when I definitely needed an easy week of running.  I diligently knocked each one out exactly as the schedule said, including a sweltering lunch time run in the heart of Texas summer heat.  There were no tempo or speed miles and no real long distances.  It was much-needed after a rough Week 4.  Heading into Week 6 I’m feeling refreshed and ready to light it up.  I’m looking forward to hitting 50 miles this coming week, particularly with an 18 mile run that I can do in Seattle’s cool, dry climate.  I’m not even sure how to prepare for a place where their HIGH temp is cooler than our LOW temp.  I think I’ll figure out a way though.

Distance Time Pace Heart Rate
Monday 8.17 Miles 1:07:28 8:15 min/mi 147 bpm
Tuesday 5.00 Miles 48:40 9:44 min/mi 132 bpm
Wednesday 8.13 Miles 1:09:25 8:32 min/mi 144 bpm
Friday 4.02 Miles 37:15 9:16 min/mi 140 bpm
Saturday 12.43 Miles 1:41:10 8:08 min/mi 152 bpm
Total 37.73 Miles 5:23:59 8:35 min/mi 145 bpm

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