Running (Best) Man – Week 13 Review [brief]

We’re back on track folks!  I got all my scheduled runs in last week and had no problems, inside or out.  With travel to Connecticut for Colin’s wedding I had to smash everything into five days instead of six, so obviously I skipped my rest day.  Tuesday’s intervals (four 3/4 mile repeats) were right on target and Wednesday’s 11 mile run to work was on the faster side of normal.

On Thursday night Ev and I landed in JFK and made the drive out to Connecticut near Colin’s apartment.  I met Colin Friday morning on a street corner to embark on our 20 miler and my last major run before tapering for Chicago.  What I wasn’t expecting was actually how humid it was.  I was hoping for cool, crisp Northeast Autumn.  Instead we got foggy, rain* that lasted approximately 2.5 hours of the 2.75 hours that we ran.  Good news is my leg-hip injury is a thing of the past.  It was great running with Colin again, and now he’s all married and stuff!

Now for my least favorite thing, besides the dentist… tapering.

Distance Time Pace Heart Rate
Monday 7.15 Miles 1:01:38 8:37 min/mi 145 bpm
Tuesday 10.01 Miles 1:16:38 7:39 min/mi 157 bpm
Wednesday 11.00 Miles 1:30:01 8:11 min/mi 153 bpm
Thursday 3.56 Miles 31:10 8:46 min/mi 139 bpm
Friday 20.23 Miles 2:44:04 8:07 min/mi 156 bpm
Total 51.95 Miles 7:03:32 8:09 min/mi 153 bpm

*yes, rain!  ugh, Austin is changing me into someone who savors rain

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