Austin Distance Challenge Status Update

Howdy folks!  Just wanted to give a quick update where I stand in the Austin Distance Challenge rankings.  After the Decker Challenge the ADC contestants were broken into “half” and “full” buckets based on the LIVESTRONG Austin Half Marathon and Austin Full Marathon.  I’m running the Austin Half, so I’m in the ADC Half Track.  Got it?  Good.

Bear with me as I break it down:

In the Male 25-29 Age Group Half Track, I’m in first.  By a mile.  By ten miles.  It’s a small field, made even smaller by splitting the runners into Half and Full groups.  After adding up the four race times I’m leading by about an hour and nine minutes.  And yes, I’m in first out of five remaining runners.

Overall in the Half Track I’m sitting in 8th.  Best case scenario I can move up to 7th but no more than that.  It’s shocking to me that my age group is the slowest group below age 55.  For the record, I’m in eighth out of 64, so that’s at least pretty good!

I’d say based on where I stand now, I’m not looking to set a new PR in the Austin Half.  The final times will be updated after the Austin Marathon weekend.  Looking forward to wrapping things up and getting fully into training for Vermont!

Thoughts? Leave a comment!