Curly’s Perfect Pig’s New Pen

Good things happen to good people.  A few months ago I had a barbecue epiphany when I tasted some mighty fine Carolina pulled pork at Curly’s Perfect Pig.  Well after my first eye-opening experience, Curly’s was making plans to relocate to bigger and better things.  Once a lone trailer in the parking lot of a mediocre restaurant near UT campus, Curly’s now finds itself as the anchor of the newest (and only) food trailer lot in Round Rock.

While things were quiet for Curly’s in their old spot, now they are selling out like crazy.  From what I’ve gleaned from their Facebook posts, they’ve gone from smoking 40lbs of pork to over 100lbs in a day and still selling out.  It comes as no surprise though.  One bite of their pulled pork, be it in a sandwich or on a loaded baked potato, will make you a second-guess everything you think you know about BBQ.

I went out for a quick lunch on a chilly Fall day for one of those loaded baked potatoes.  Not being a total glutton, I opted for the butter and sour cream on the side, which meant my potato was topped with cheese, pulled pork, and homemade BBQ sauce.  First, the potato is a monster.  It probably weighs close to a pound by itself.  Second, there’s enough pork for a meal on its own without the potato.  And I’m thankful for every last bit of that meat.  It’s. So. Good.  And third, I don’t think it needs the butter or sour cream at all.  The pork stands up on its own of course, and the potato serves as a great supporting cast.  Over the summer this was a rare special menu item.  For the Fall, however, it sounds like it’ll be a regular thing.  For that I say “thank you”.

I’m expecting big things from Curly’s Perfect Pig.  Trust me, as someone who lives in Texas and wholeheartedly loves his beef BBQ, I can say without a doubt you’ll be impressed by what Curly’s is sending out the window.  It doesn’t hurt that the owner, Jay, is one of the nicest guys in the business.  Get on it!

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    • Mike says:

      Well, if not before, you have to make it up there for the TBD BBQ Party celebrating 200 FB Likes 🙂 And you, too, can have an “after” photo like mine.

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