Dock and Roll Diner

Don’t mess with Texas. Land of Cattle, The Longhorns, and BBQ. Beef is king, be it on a sandwich, bone-in, or straight up. So who has the gall to bring something so New England like a lobster roll to the Lone Star State? One brave trailer is testing the waters in drought-riddled Austin with their menu full of creative sandwiches, headlined by The Maine Event. Meet Dock and Roll Diner.

If I were to make a menu for delicious sandwiches, I have a feeling it would be a lot like Dock and Roll’s

board. Each ingredient just makes sense without being obvious. There’s no tomato, basil, mozzarella sandwich here. More like Southwest marinated and grilled boneless chicken breast, Rajas (traditional Mexican blend of sautéed onions and homegrown poblano peppers), grilled corn, crumbled Cotija cheese, and Greenbelt (Tomatillo-Avocado) Sauce. How amazing does that sound?! So amazing, in fact, that it’s exactly what I ordered. Sorry lobster roll.

And just like it sounded, it tasted fantastic. The roll was toasty but soft and made a great vehicle for everything else loaded inside. I was impressed with how flavorful the chicken was without getting overpowered by the slam of other ingredients on top. My personal favorite addition was the corn sprinkled throughout. Really what took me by surprise was how balanced everything came together.

Apologies for all the fanfare earlier touting the lobster roll and then not order it. Even though I didn’t go that route, I’ll give you a little insight. The Maine Event can be served up five ways: Original of course, but also Connecticut, Rhode Island, Long Island, and Austin, Texas versions. You’ll have to chat with the super friendly guys in the airstream to get the scoop. Ultimately I didn’t get The Maine Event because lobster isn’t , and it’s a little pricey. I will say the people in front of me who did get it said it was amazing.

And how could any sandwich not taste amazing when eaten on this table:


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