Me Llamo Taco – Lunch

Update: Super terrible news… Me Llamo Taco is no longer in business.

We know Me Llamo Taco brings out the big guns for breakfast, but how do they do at the lunching hour?  I tested it out no fewer than 3 times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.  The verdict?  This is no fluke, luck, or coincidence — Me Llamo Taco is the real deal.  Keep reading … if you dare.

So with three separate visits for lunch, I’ve eaten a lot of Me Llamo Taco tacos.  In no particular order I’ve tried the Taco Vampiro, La Cochinita, Chihuahua, Don Pedro, The Charfen, and Chicken Fajita, doubling up on a few.  On any given day the menu is chalked up outside the trailer with a wonderfully simple pricing structure.  There is also a permanent menu on the window counter that includes things like the Perro Caliente (translation: hot dog, clever).

Rather than go into exhaustive detail about how amazing each taco is, I’ll share a few highlights.  My favorite, hands down, like not even close, like best taco in 50 miles, is the Cochinita.  It’s not a regular menu item, most recently spotted on the Thursday Specials, but worth dropping everything to get one (or ten) immediately.  The pork is all sorts of amazing — melt-in-your-mouth tender, impossibly juicy, and just-so-delicately spicy.  Combined with a light crunch from onions and cabbage on that homemade flour tortilla is just absurd.

Another favorite is the Taco Vampiro, which is basically a taco built on a quesadilla.  Typically on corn tortillas, Chef Pedro (see below) humors be by swapping in those homemade flour tortillas.  With two tortillas glued together by cheese and peppers, they top it with beautifully charred carne asada, chipotle mayo, and Oaxaca cheese.  It’s a handful, mouthful, and bellyful.

To go with your taco madness is a Texas-sized offering of Texas favorite beverages.


One person I unforgivably failed to mention in my breakfast post was the man behind the tacos themselves.  Ryan is the Me Llamo Taco mastermind, but Chef Pedro is the magician in the back.  He’s the one making the homemade flour tortillas, the Thursday specials, the artist’s palette of salsas, and everything else that goes into your mouth.  More importantly, he’s a super nice guy.  How often do you go somewhere and the chef comes out and knows your name and shakes your hand?  Consider this a virtual high five to Chef Pedro!

Chef Pedro working his magic

Now go.  Get your fill of Me Llamo Taco.  On my first visit I was assured that I’d be hooked.  I’ve been back at least 6 more times since, so I’d say I’m hooked.  And you will be too.

Me Llamo Mike

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