Cow Tipping Creamery

I love ice cream. All kinds really, whether it’s

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topped with hot fudge from a local chain, vegan from a Thai restaurant, sandwiched between two (or 6) cookies, or Italian like gelato. This is a tale of ice cream served softly. A newly relocated food truck is filling cups and cones with soft serve and then mixed, swirled, topped, or blended in some incredible combinations. I present to you, Cow Tipping Creamery.

Cow Tipping Creamery

After several months on the outskirts of Austin, Cow Tipping Creamery has set up in the new Rancho Rio Eatery food trailer park on UT campus. With the likes of The Mighty Cone, Short Bus Subs, and Wurst Tex, they’re in good company. The menu is a little overwhelming at first. First you need to decide on the architecture: Cup, Cone, Shake, or Stacker. I tried to decipher the menu while waiting, but before I knew it the guy in the window was asking what I wanted. In a moment of panic my eye jumped to the top right corner of the menu and I shouted “Fluffer Nutter!” And I’m so glad I did.

Fluffer Nutter

The only other details needed are size and a choice of the two soft serve flavors on offer. I went with vanilla, which meant I just ordered layers of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter sauce, bananas, Nutter Butters, marshmallows, and whipped cream. Every flavor complimented the others. The best and worst decision I made was to get a small cup, because you could’ve put this in a Big Gulp and I would have licked it clean.

Fluffer Nutter All Gone


p>Next time is going to be tough. Right now I’m eyeing the S’more version of the Fluffer Nutter, but the shakes sound incredible and I’m having a hard time ignoring a homemade waffle cone. It may just mean multiple visits… or more realistically going for a really long run beforehand. You can find them Tuesday thru Saturday from 1pm til 9pm, making it perfect for both lunch and dinner desserts. Check ’em out on Facebook and Twitter.

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