IMAZ Training Update – Turn It Up to 11!

It’s been awhile since we last spoke. I’ve had a bit of blogger’s block. Things at work have picked up, not to mention all that extra time put into training. But Ironman Arizona is getting close, so something had to give. A few weeks ago I mentioned training is ramping up (oh, and that I was going to give up reduce gratuitous, out-of-control face-stuffing. More on that in another post). For four weeks the training plan resembles a light form of torture, throwing everything at me to get me prepared for the Ironman. Here’s where things stand halfway through

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those four weeks.


To this point my training peaked around 14.5 hours. That’s no walk in the park. However, the first week from hell closed out a little over 17* 18 hours. In six days I was hit with 14 workouts ranging from a 45 minute swim to an 80 mile bike ride. That ride was rough, leaving me a little concerned about the 112 mile bike portion of the Ironman. But I got it done (in two 40-mile loops, for some physical and mental abuse training).

Week 28

Week 28

*My training plan conveniently sums up all the workouts to give me a total time for the week. In what must have been a sick joke, they did the math wrong and said it would be 17 hours, instead of the correct 18:20. Thanks.

To follow up that big (the biggest to date) week, was another 18+ hour gauntlet. Again, six days, 14 workouts of digging deep. This time the short workouts were shorter, like a 30 minute swim, and the long workouts were longer, like a 91 mile bike! This ride went way better than the previous week’s long ride, completing erasing any trepidation I had about getting through the bike portion of the race. Finishing Week 29 strongly has left me in a good mental state.

Week 29

Week 29

Thankfully, this week, Week 30, is a bit “easier”, totaling 17 hours. I guess that’s to keep me “fresh” for the upcoming beast week. Week 31 is going to be the biggest training week of my life, past, present, and future. I will never train more in one week than I will next week. So I guess that’s something to look forward to as I get through this week, right?

Ironman Arizona is fast-approaching. Like, real fast. Now that it’s October, I can honestly say

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“It’s next month!” Time to really focus on getting through this final push and just get it done. I really can’t wait for the race to get here. Let’s do this!


Thoughts? Leave a comment!