IMAZ Week 3 Review

Week 3 is a wrap!  It was pretty uneventful, other than those pesky 9 workouts.  Most notable was getting my new bike all tuned up!  I swung by Bicycle Sport Shop just before Trailer Food Tuesdays to pick up my ride.  When I dropped it off on Saturday, I had gone in with the intent of only getting the  crank arm fixed so I could screw the pedal back in.  To fix that?  Only $30 and two days.  But I also needed (according to the mechanics) a new chain, a new cassette, both wheels trued, new pedals, and a deluxe tune-up.

Needless to say, a little more than just $30.  But whatever, I was getting a great bike back up to nearly new condition… almost.  I took the bike home assuming all was well and good.  You know what they say about assuming, right?  It means you’re an idiot.  It meant I needed to take the bike back Wednesday evening to address quite a few issues, namely the wheels weren’t trued, I needed new brake pads (which should have been discovered in the deluxe tune-up), and the shifters wouldn’t, well, shift into the big gears (another item that should have been caught in the tune-up).  Needless to say, not pleased with the level of service thus far.

Semi-redeeming, the service I received Wednesday night made everything better.  It may have taken an hour and a half, but they fixed up all of the things left undone from the tune-up.  So now I’m all set with a new, awesome bike that’s going to make me go really fast and tackle the 112 mile portion of the Ironman.

Here’s a preview of what the new bike looks like.  Full post coming in due time!


Three weeks down, thirty-three to go!


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