IMAZ Week 9 Review

My longest week of training is in the books!  And by longest, I’m referring to ever.   Twelve hours of swimming, biking (and biking and biking) and running.

On Wednesday my company had its semi-annual Fun Run, though I question their definition of “fun”.  It was a world of pain, culminating in an overwhelming stab in my pride when I finished in second.  “Fun” times indeed!

On Saturday my neighbor Kevin and I drove way out to the boonies for a ride hosted by the Austin Cycling Association.  We both did the 50 mile course (opting not to do the 61, 78, or 105 mile routes…).  It was a great day to be out for ~3 hours and enjoy the rolling hills and beautiful weather.

Nine weeks down, twenty-seven to go!  That’s 25%!!!

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