Yeti Frozen Custard

Hey look! Did you see that? Hmm, maybe it was just a shadow, or my imagination… or maybe it was… nah, couldn’t be. Yes! It’s the Yeti! Well, not the Yeti (or Bigfoot or Sasquatch), but it is Yeti Frozen Custard!

Yeti Frozen Custard truck

But before we get started, a quick tangent: If I had had a blog while living in St Louis for a summer during college, there’d be a whole page dedicated to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. In fact, it may

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have been a whole Ted Drewes fan blog. Anyway, what that means is I’m a huge fan of frozen custard. For the unfamiliar, it’s like ice cream, only if ice cream were 100x better.

Yeti Frozen Custard window

So when I learned that Yeti Frozen Custard was spotted in the wild, I made the necessary arrangements to hunt them down. As it turns out, a quick Google search is all it takes to find the Yeti. With a few friends in my search party, we made a plan to fuel up at La Barbecue, and from there I walked 10 steps over to get my frozen custard.

Yeti Frozen Custard makes things complicatedly simple with four options: Naked Yeti (plain), Dizzy Yeti (blended with mix-ins of your choice), Floating Yeti (a float over either coffee or Coke), or The Himalayan (a giant sundae with toppings, sauces, and whipped cream). Only four options, but how can you choose just one? Well, on my first visit I opted for a Dizzy Yeti, which is like a Concrete from Ted Drewes or Blizzard from Dairy Queen, mixed with Butterfingers.

Yeti Frozen Custard dizzy yeti

In a matter of moments, your dessert (or lunch, I’m not judging) is ready! This thing is huge! Definitely big enough to share. You take your frozen treasure from the window and find somewhere to hunker down. I actually took it on the go to take a touristy picture with my running buddy Hazel. My Dizzy Yeti was creamy and satisfying and full of Butterfinger pieces. After barbecue it made a great dessert to offset all the saltiness.


On a separate visit, after lunch and totally out of energy, I stopped by for a Floating Yeti. Freshly brewed Cuvee Coffee (roasted right here in Austin and pretty unanimously the best in town) poured over vanilla custard makes the best caffeinated pick-me-up dessert you can find. Think about the best mochafrappucinolatte “coffee”, but put it in the context of dessert instead of “morning starter”, and you have something magical.

Yeti Frozen Custard coffee

Next time I’m thinking a Himalayan will be in order, loading it

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up with all sorts of toppings and hot fudge. Ah, now I can’t wait! So go check them out. Here, I’ll make your hunt for the Yeti a little easier. Find them on Twitter and Facebook and down on South 1st Street.

Thoughts? Leave a comment!