English Muffins… IN TEXAS

Move over, England. You’ve owned this muffin long enough! This is America Texas. And on Texas Independence Day (March 2nd, of course!) I decided your reign over the English Muffin has come to an end. You can come and take it.

english muffins close up

I came across this English Muffin recipe and immediately wanted breakfast. To be fair, I always want breakfast; this just magnified the craving. English muffins are never on my grocery list, but they should be, because they are delicious (to be read in Ron Burgundy’s voice).

The process is straightforward enough, and we had all the ingredients on-hand, so I just needed a little nudge of motivation. With an incoming winter weather event (12 hours after shorts-appropriate 80-degree weather), we holed up and I got to cooking.


Mix a few dry ingredients over here; stir together some wet ingredients over there; combine them someplace else… and then we wait. In the meantime I got the cast iron ready, as I learned from the recipe that English muffins are more like pancakes than muffins.

english muffins texas plus two

The toughest part was maintaining the temperature of the cast iron. A couple of them burned a little, but I pridefully ate them anyway. Using the classic “stab around the edge with a fork” approach, these guys open up just like the ones you find in the store, and toast up perfectly.

english muffins open

And it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention that it was Evelyn’s genius idea to break out the Texas cookie cutter shape to make some English Texan muffins.

english muffins texas

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