Under Pressure: Hot Sauce

I got a shiny new pressure cooker for my birthday and wanted to take it for a spin with something new and different.  Google piqued my interest with a red hot looking hot sauce recipe.

As the first order of business I raided the produce section for ALL THE PEPPERS!  More accurately I bagged ½ pound of fresno peppers and another ¼ pound of serranos.  Those serranos are small, so a quarter pound is a lot.  I picked out all red peppers to make sure the sauce didn’t come out a weird red-green brown color.

peppers for days

Apple cider vinegar acts as the backbone and a little fancy smoked sea salt rounds out the simple ingredient list.  All that’s left is to (carefully) slice up all the peppers and toss everything into the pressure cooker.

In the cooker

Turn up the heat and lock on the lid to let the pressure work its magic.  It took about 10 minutes to get up to temperature and then you only need to wait another minute before removing from heat and allowing it to cool down for about 10 minutes to naturally release the pressure.  Once it’s safe to open, a quick buzz with the immersion blender is all it takes to achieve spicy nirvana.

funnel hot sauce

And now we have fresh, 3-ingredient hot sauce!  It’s actually impressively delicious and considering how easy it is, makes a strong case for not buying hot sauce again.  Next up will be playing with other flavor additions and colors.

hot sauce


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