Austin: It’s All Uphill From Here

The 2011 LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon came and went on Sunday, starting in the pre-dawn glow and finishing in the shadow of the state capitol building.  With over 15,000 runners for the 20th anniversary of the race, and the first year with the LIVESTRONG sponsorship, this race felt like the big leagues.  As I mentioned previously, I hadn’t trained as much nor as focused as usual, so my goals going in were set conservatively*.  So how did I do in my 10th marathon?  Hint: lots of ups and downs.

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Prediction: Oprah’s Going Down

I’m saying it right here and now: Derrick is going to beat Oprah.  On February 20, 2011, the Austin Marathon will take over the streets of Texas’ capital.  This will be Derrick’s second 26.2, and if you ask him, his goal is to break 5 hours.  If you ask me, he’s going to come in under 4:29:15.  Why that specific time?  Because that’s what it took Oprah to run the Marine Corps Marathon in 1994.  Only time will tell.