Happy New Year, 2015!

Happy 2015 to you, too!  2014 had some big shoes to fill after everything that happened in 2013, and I’d say it far surpassed expectations.  Obviously and without question, the arrival of Wesley singlehandedly outdid the entire previous year.  On top of that I started a new job at an incredible company.  To celebrate the end of a fantastic year, I revisited Goldbely to order something special for Ev and me (sorry Wes).

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Cape Whoopies on Goldbely

My eyes were recently opened to a site called Goldbely, offering much-wanted, doubtfully-needed specialty foods.  Their whole purpose is to make regional favorites more accessible to people who have fewer than one personal jet.  Some of the more interesting options include Philly cheesesteaks from Philadelphia (duh), crab cakes from Maryland, and bagels from New York.  As for my first foray into Goldbely I took advantage of a coupon to Cape Whoopies.

Cape Whoopies Goldbelly All

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