Run for the Water Race Report

As I mentioned in my preview, all within about a five day period I discovered the Run for the Water, registered for the race, and, since then, ran the race. With respect to my training plan for San Antonio, this week I was supposed to run a tune-up race between 8 and 10 kilometers the day before my 16 mile long run. What did I do? A 10 mile (16 km) race the day after my long run. Same difference. So with this change of schedule, how did it all go?

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Just A Stone’s Throw Away

Let’s be clear: when we decided on which apartment complex to live in, I did not know that a certain running store was in the parking lot across from our unit. In fact, it’s literally a stone’s throw from our back porch. So lucky!

Anyway, the store itself is

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enormous, with only about enough merchandise to fill a small car. It’s actually a bit unsettling, as if they are in a constant state of moving out or moving in. But who am I to judge… my apartment is in a constant state of moving in.

However, on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:45 (pm, for those of you wondering), a group meets up to go line dancing for a run. Yay! So I showed up Wednesday, water bottle in hand (a Texas necessity as I’m learning, though I was the only one there with water). I did get some “good idea” comments, but no one opted to bring / buy one. The eight of us headed out down a new route (though admittedly I only have one route thus far) which mainly stuck to sidewalks and bike lanes along not-too-busy roads. As for the pace, the only way to put it is: fast. I was a little surprised, but kept up pretty well.


p style=”text-align:left;”>Overall we ran about 6 miles, at under 7:30 minutes per mile. (My Garmin hadn’t been reset since last time, so it was a bit of a combination of two runs…) I’ll definitely be going back for more pain, as I was introduced to the 3 H’s: Heat, Humidity, Hills. Until next time, have a good life.