Eat St Gets the Tex-Med Treatment

Update: Unfortunately, due to extenuating circumstances with their location, Lizzie’s Lunchbox is permanently closed.

Halloween was all treats for Lizzie’s Lunchbox when Eat Street came by to profile the bright pink truck. Back in Austin for their third session of trailer interviews, Eat Street came out on the first day to get a first-hand look at Tex-Med at its finest. Drawing a big crowd, their presence and all the social media excitement offered great exposure to Lizzie’s Lunchbox. I’m hoping to see the buzz continue for this awesome truck and its awesome owner.

As for me, I showed up ready to give my take on what Tex-Med means to Austin (and more importantly, me). I checked in with the Eat Street crew to not-so-subtly let them know I’d

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be happy to share my thoughts on camera. They were busy interviewing Lizzie’s running group so I hopped in line. Best thing ever? Free cookie while waiting to order. Soon it was my turn and I ordered up a Tex-Med Pita with chicken, combo-ed (chips, hummus, tabbouleh), and reluctantly passed on a second cookie.

I got my food and hung onto it for awhile waiting for the film crew to wrap things up and want to talk to me. Soon after I was on a picnic bench chatting with the producer, camera man, and sound guy. They noticed my chicken pita and preferred it to be lamb, so they ran up to the window and got a quick order of lamb. A little television magic switched my chicken pita to lamb and we were off and rolling. I’ll spare the details, but I talked about the food, the location, and Lizzie herself. It was a lot of fun sharing how much I like Lizzie’s Lunchbox! Like I told Eat Street, it’s a very welcomed addition to the North Austin food scene.


PS- It should be no surprise that I visit Lizzie’s Lunchbox often: it’s near my office, sells great food, and run by awesome people. Since the Eat Street event I went back to Lizzie’s again (yes, twice in one week). This time I ordered strictly from the Specials menu. It was a perfect day to sit outside and have a hot bowl of corn & tomato tortilla soup. Alongside

came warm, spicy beerbread / cornbread with much-appreciated real corn kernels baked in.

To go with the soup I got the pesto chicken salad sandwich on a croissant. So fresh, so buttery, so pesto-y. It could easily be a fixture on the normal menu. I’m sure there will be plenty more reviews of Lizzie’s, and I can’t wait to get back there to try something new.


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