Kebabalicious: A Turkish Hero

It’s not often I find myself downtown around lunch time on a weekday.  That whole 9-5 8:30-5:30 job in North Austin has something to do with it.  So when I conjure up an excuse opportunity to indulge in some downtown street food, I jump on it.  This time around I had a half day at work to make up for the fact I’d be working Sunday at 1am (until 5am), so I headed downtown and swung by a tried-and-true favorite for some exceptional mobile lunch.

Like the logo says, Kebabalicious features Turkish style wraps (and misleadingly not kebabs).  It’s a toasty pita bread wrapped around all kinds of goodness.  They come in two sizes, regular and humongous large.  I wisely went with a regular.  Chicken won a spot in my heart tummy over lamb/beef or falafel.  Loaded with what amounts to a salad (full of lettuce, tomato, onion, and dressed with tzatziki), the second wise decision I made was for medium-spicy sauce.  The hot-spicy takes it to a whole new level of mouth-fire.  The final great decision of the day was opting for the small upcharge to add feta cheese.

Big picture: this is a crowd pleaser.  It has all the makings of a delicious sandwich in a Mediterranean form factor.  Hot-cold, spicy-cool, soft-crunchy–it’s definitely got everything you’re looking for.  I even ate this one in the car, proving its extreme portability (though it was still a challenge shifting gears)*.  The people working the cart are pretty much all behind the scenes except for the girl taking orders.  They know what they do well and they just do it.  I picture them all wearing shirts saying “git ‘r done” and slinging wraps, salads and hummuses out with assembly line efficiency.

They have two trailers set up downtown serving lunch and weekend late-night.  I don’t need to tell you Kebabalicious is great– the 197 4.5-star reviews on Yelp can do that.  Do yourself a favor and give them a visit.

*Don’t wrap and drive.  It’s ok to rap and drive though.

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