Kebabalicious: A Turkish Hero

It’s not often I find myself downtown around lunch time on a weekday.  That whole 9-5 8:30-5:30 job in North Austin has something to do with it.  So when I conjure up an excuse opportunity to indulge in some downtown street food, I jump on it.  This time around I had a half day at work to make up for the fact I’d be working Sunday at 1am (until 5am), so I headed downtown and swung by a tried-and-true favorite for some exceptional mobile lunch.

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Royito’s Hot Sauce Company

Things that get me through the morning: long showers, doggy kisses from Hazel, lots of coffee, and breakfast tacos. Austin is

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a town full of breakfast tacos (maybe the only town full of them…). And with the move to Austin came an obsession with this delicious morning treat. Luckily, in the parking lot next to GSD&M Idea City lies the wonder that is Royito’s. Since our office is so close and they’re only open until 10:30am, the “breakfast taco run?” call comes as a welcome a.m. break.

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The Peached Tortilla

A relative new kid on the block, The Peached Tortilla

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really has its act together. Delicious food can only get you so far, but you also need to let your people know where to find you. This truck is a beast on the social scene keeping their fans updated where they are and when they’ll be there. But we can’t downplay the food. Like Chi’Lantro BBQ, The Peached Tortilla is a fusion of flavors, though a bit more subtle.

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Lucky’s Puccias

So it’s clear who the runner, blogger, maniac, over-indulger is in the family. But let’s get serious here, I do my fair share of eating too! I also have the glorious advantage of working downtown, affording me the opportunity to enjoy Austin’s fabulous lunchtime food trucks. I have to admit though, I don’t tend to venture too far from the office during the work day.

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Plus, working directly across the street from Whole Foods (the Whole Foods, flagship style) essentially means that my cafeteria is a natural food mecca. But this week I trekked the mere block and a half to Lucky’s Puccias.

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Old School BBQ

In the wake of leaving DC there were several things that I knew I would miss immediately. To quote Joni Mitchell, and for the younger folk (me included), the Counting Crows, “you don’t know what you got til it’s gone.” Well upon moving cross-country, one of the things we left behind was the best burger ever created, at a small shop known as Ray’s Hell Burger. Since this post isn’t specifically about Ray’s, I won’t go into the details and force myself to relive what I may not have again for a long time (ever?). Instead, I want to introduce you to the nearest competitor my taste buds have ever seen tasted.

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