Me Llamo Taco – Breakfast

Update: Super terrible news… Me Llamo Taco is no longer in business.

I can’t name a single thing Austin needs less than another taco stand. Maybe another thong-wearing, bike-riding septuagenarian or a skinny-jean-wearing, fixed-gear-bike-riding, mustachioed hipster. Well, if there was ever a taco shop to prove me wrong, this would be it. Recently a friend told me about a new taco trailer that set up shop at the Burnet Farmers Market. What’s it’s name? Me Llamo Taco. No, my name is Mike. The trailer is called Me Llamo Taco. I like it already.

On my first visit I took a tour of the breakfast fare. The menu is small but covers all the bases for the usual breakfast taco options, like eggs, potatoes, peppers, bacon, etc. They even have a vegan option, but I wasn’t interested on this trip. I appreciate the idea to do a few things really well rather than try to do everything barely ok. And salsa, who needs it? You do. Me Llamo Taco gives you four different kinds to mix and match with your glorious breakfast tacos: árbol, verde, quemada, and pico de gallo. I could write a whole post about the salsas. This is not that post. [Update: no more salsa smörgåsbord. I got some salsa árbol on my last visit.]

I ordered my go-to, called The Johanna –egg, potato, cheese– and The Peppa Pig –egg, bacon, cheese. You get the choice of corn or homemade flour tortillas. Who makes homemade flour tortillas!? No one. It’s

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a big deal. Trust me. The Johanna is loaded —loaded— with eggs and potatoes and topped with shredded Jack cheese. Luckily the tortilla is built strong enough to hold in the ingredients that are trying to bust out. The tortilla is phenomenal and let’s leave it at that. The potato has that elusive crispiness from spending just the right amount of time on the flat top and the eggs still show signs of white from not being over-beaten. I love this taco, especially with the salsas that came with it. And it was big enough to be breakfast all by itself.

The Johanna – egg, potato, Jack cheese

But I had already ordered a second taco, so I pressed onward. The eggs are cooked just as masterfully and exploding out the sides. They’re more like an omelet than scrambled though, meaning they hold together in one piece rather than lots of little scrambles. The bacon –oh man, the bacon– removes any need for salsa. It’s crisped up and crumbled on top of the egg and beneath the cheese. The bacon serves as all the seasoning you need for this taco. So. Good.

Peppa Pig – egg, bacon, Jack cheese and the whole salsa family

Ryan, the man behind the trailer, sat down with me and chatted while I devoured these breakfast tacos. He told me about his previous career before delving into the taco scene. He made the leap because he thought he could do better than what was already being done. Bold. Well based on breakfast alone, he’s not wrong. Here comes a big statement. These tacos are the best breakfast tacos in Austin. I can’t wait to try lunch to see if Me Llamo Taco and hang with the big boys.


2 thoughts on “Me Llamo Taco – Breakfast

  1. Dylan says:

    I’m not a vegan, but I was actually a fan of the vegan options they had. Really great addition to the Austin Taco Truck scene!

    • Mike says:

      I actually tried the lunch Chihuahua taco (upcoming post) and thought it was amazing! It’s tofu based and really satisfying, even next to the meaty ones. Thanks Dylan!

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