Mike’s Likes: Burgers

In a new segment called “Mike’s Likes” I’m going to keep track of my favorite of Austin’s whatever. This is NOT a list of the best but rather a list of my favorite. I want to be clear that I cannot possibly say “This is the Best [fill-in-your-food-item here]”. I have not had ALL, or even most, not to mention personal tastes make it a completely silly conversation. As this list evolves, I’ll update it with my new favorites. With that said, let’s get into my favorite burgers!

i <3 burgers

The top of my burger list goes out to the Butcher’s Burger at Salt & Time Butcher Shop. It seems like they have an unfair advantage with their access to fresh, whole cows that they break down in-house and can use to grind up for their burger patties. On top of that, they add a secret ingredient (which will remain nameless so as not to reveal trade secrets) to take the flavor up to 11. Topped with Swiss (upcharge), pickles, and aioli, and slid into a locally-baked toasted bun, it’s served alongside simple, thick-cut fries. Note, for better or worse, it’s a dinner-only endeavor.

Butcher's Burger at Salt & Time

Butcher’s Burger at Salt & Time

Holding in second place is a recent addition to my list, and that’s the Pan Roasted Hamburger at Clark’s Oyster Bar. Yep, a seafood restaurant. A recent revisit with family in town opened my eyes to how great this burger is. Topped with Gruyere and a fancy mayo called Sauce Gribiche, it’s a stunner. It doesn’t hurt that it comes with the most addictive matchstick fries I (or probably you) have ever had.

Clark's Oyster Bar Burger

Pan Roasted Hamburger at Clark’s Oyster Bar

And in the third spot is Oak Grilled Wagyu Cheeseburger at Lambert’s Downtown Barbecue. The real story here is that it’s half price during happy hour at the bar. But the smoky flavor from the wood grill makes it worth full price. Topped with LTO, mayo, mustard, and a side of outstanding waffle fries, it’s one of the best deals in town. Grab one at the bar on a weeknight, but be patient as the bar can get crowded sometimes.

Burger at Lambert's Downtown Barbecue

Burger at Lambert’s Downtown Barbecue (photo by Jeff Amador)

And that’s where my rankings will end. Beyond top 3, the rest are very good to great. A few recent, noteworthy burgers that should be ordered if given the chance are below in no particular order.

Bowling Alley Burger at Swift's Attic

Bowling Alley Burger at Swift’s Attic

Trace Butcher Burger at Trace

Trace Butcher Burger at Trace

ALC Burger at ALC Steaks

ALC Burger at ALC Steaks

Black Star Burger at Black Star Co-op

Black Star Burger at Black Star Co-op

Others that don’t get a picture come from drink.well., The Roaring Fork, and Hopfield’s. Got a favorite burger in Austin you think just HAS to be on this list? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Mike’s Likes: Burgers

  1. Michelle Rascati says:

    I haven’t tried a single one of these burgers! But Flemings has a $6 happy hour burger that is dang good.

    • Mike says:

      Noted. I haven’t had much luck there in the past with other things on the menu, but willing to try the burger out on your rec.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks Amy! I haven’t been yet, but it’s at the top of my burger to-do list. Along with Black Star Co-op, another visit to Lambert’s, a trip to Lard Have Mercy (see John’s comment above), and ::gasp:: I haven’t had the Casino El Camino burger 🙂

  2. John Brotherton says:

    I keep forgetting to come back here and post this. You also need to hit Old School Bar and Grill on 6th St. Had their burgers several times and they are great.

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