Fairfield on my Mind

So after much hemming and hawing, I signed up for the Fairfield Half Marathon.  The race is a week from Sunday (6/28) and I’m actually really looking forward to it.  I ran it last year with Colin and got pretty beat up by the hills.  Looking back, we didn’t really train very much for it.  This time, though… we’ll be ready.  The only concern is most of the training has been focusing on staying fresh and going for distance (AKA, not much speed).

Number 1 goal: Beat Colin.  Last year he left me in the dust.  It was pathetic.  This year, I’m going to crush it (and him).  The real excitement though focuses on the ridiculous meals we’ll be having both in preparation and for recovery.  Upon arrival we’ll go to Louis’ Lunch for an original hamburger.  Then for dinner we’ll have the requisite pasta carboloading session.  Something basic and delicious.  After the race on Sunday, we’ll go directly to Super Duper Weenie for a hot dog.  Yes, a hot dog at 11am.  Amazing.  Finally we’ll swing by Modern Apizza for some of the best pizza in the world, as recommended by some real know-it-alls (aka Kevin).  Even if you don’t care about any of this, it’s definitely worth clicking on Modern’s link and listening to their music.  It’s quite possibly reason enough just to go, even if you are allergic to pizza.

To recap: Burger, Pasta, <race>, Hot Dog, Pizza.  I think all we’re missing is a burrito?  Anyway, Louis’ and Super Duper were featured on Food Network, so it’s almost like we’re going to be on TV!  At least we won’t be hungry before or after the race.  I’m sure the race recap will have a food recap too, so stay tuned.

Also, this morning’s recovery 5 miler was slow and boring, but it got the job done.  Low heart rate and put in some miles.  Next time I’ll be bringing some music along.

The details:

Distance: 5.32 miles
Time: 50:41
Pace: 9:31 min/mile
Average HR: 145 bpm (164 bpm max)

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