I set a personal record… twice!

Today I set a personal record.  I had previously set the record one week ago.  Makes it seem like a pretty easy record if it can be set and then broken in a week.  Well it’s not!  What record you ask?  (Thank you for asking.)  It’s not as glorious as, say, the 100 meter dash or hot-dog eating*.  It’s not as well-known as “Largest Air Guitar Ensemble” (440 people) or “Fastest Time to Pluck a Turkey” (1 minute 30 seconds).  However, it is important to me, and that’s what I care about.

It was the longest weekday run before work.  Yes, last week I set the record at 9 miles.  Pretty impressive.  But wait!  For all you goldfish reading this and have already forgotten, you’re in for a treat!  I broke that record today!  10 miles.  It went well, kept the heart rate in check, and cruised through.  Even after 8 miles yesterday it wasn’t too bad.  The hardest part was getting up so early!  It was really only 10 minutes earlier than normal (5:50am instead of 6am), but I went to bed at almost 1am.

To make it easy I just ran 5 miles and turned around.  It requires the least amount of thought or planning, and let’s face it, there is little thinking going on that early.  There will be some delay between this new record and when I attempt to break it again, so stay tuned for that update.  As always, thanks for reading.  And for you goldfish: I broke my own record for longest weekday run.

The details:

Distance: 10 miles
Time: 1:23:05
Pace: 8:18 min/mile
Average HR: 157 bpm (172 bpm max)

*I know Kobayashi is no longer the champ, but there’s no video of Joey Chestnut racing a bear.

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