Blown Away by The Peached Tortilla

Three months ago I had my first experience with The Peached Tortilla.  At the time I was beyond impressed with the BBQ Brisket slider, so-so on the Chicken Satay taco, and undecided on the Banh Mi taco.  Shortly after my first visit, Ev and I checked them out again when the truck visited our hood for the Flying Saucer Beer Festival.  The food itself is reason enough to keep you coming back, but that’s not what blew me away this time.

First, imagine my excitement when I learned another food truck was venturing to the Great White North north of downtown for the mobile-food-starved working folk.  As part of the very slow work day week between Christmas and New Years, I decided to meet The Peached Tortilla for lunch and give that banh mi another shot.  If you remember, I thought the pork belly had some textural inconsistency that I found a bit off-putting.

If you didn’t remember that, Eric (the owner) certainly did.  This is where I was blown away.  As I approached the truck, Eric pops out the window with a smile and says “Hey Mike”.  I look around in awe that he recognized me as a return-customer, let alone remember my name, without hesitation.  What!?  Like I said, I’ve only been twice before, two months ago.  He must have served thousands of different customers since then.  Whatever, maybe it was a fluke; Mike is a pretty common name.  Maybe he says “Hey Mike” to everyone.  Nope.

After I gathered myself, I asked how he knew my name.  He replied by saying he remembered me first from visiting the West Campus location, and then at the Triangle [where we live] with “my girl”.  I may have had a stroke at this point out of the sheer impossibility of it all.  Then he referenced my blog post and said that they fixed the texture problem with the banh mi.  :: black out ::

As for the food, I was won over anew.  Of course I ordered the fantastic BBQ Brisket slider.  I also had to give that Banh Mi taco another shot.  As for my third wheel I took the recommended Crab Cake slider from the special menu.  The BBQ Brisket is near perfect.  Maybe a little more sauce next time.  The Crab Cake slider was impressive!  This is getting tough; I may have to order like six things each time I visit.  I noticed how sweet and amazing slider buns were, really elevating everything to (g)astronomic levels.  And as for my reintroduction to the Banh Mi taco?  Sold.  It was delicious through and through*.

I had positive memories of The Peached Tortilla from my previous two visits, but this last time launched it into the top tier in my book.  Between the food and the incredible attention to the customer, there isn’t much bad to say about these guys.  I don’t know many people around here who haven’t tried it, but if you haven’t, go now and thank me later (and pick me up a BBQ Brisket slider).

*When I ordered the Banh Mi taco I requested no cilantro (because cilantro is terrible).  After remembering my name, the specific times that I visited, and what I said in my blog, I find it awesome that they forgot the “no cilantro” request (see picture).  I’m only commenting on this due to the irony, and not because of any actual disappointment with my experience.  If anything it made things even better.

Omen Alert: In my previous post I said “I took it all to go and sped obeyed all traffic laws and carefully drove home.”  Well, screw you karma, what did I do to you?  On the way back to work with my lunch safely buckled up next to me, I got pulled over by one of Austin’s finest.  :: sigh ::

2 thoughts on “Blown Away by The Peached Tortilla

  1. The Peached Tortilla is one of my favorites!

    I noticed that you want to try El Naranjo. I had them at their presentation at the Mexican Culture Center downtown which was pretty good but my friend had a follow up at their actual trailer location and he said the portions were significantly smaller and its around $10 a plate.

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