3M Half Marathon – Registered

While I’m not training particularly hard for the Austin Marathon on February 20, I have decided to sign up for a pre-race race at the end of January.  It will be a good check to see how I’m doing in preparation for Austin, though at only three weeks before, I’m not sure how much corrective action there can be.  Anyway, it was a no-brainer considering the starting line is between my apartment and my place of workship*.

The 3M Half Marathon should give me a pretty good time considering it’s a mostly downhill course.  I doubt I’ll be breaking Colin’s best time here (1:31:00), but I should hopefully be able to set a new personal best for myself (1:35:28).  For now I’m just going through the motions (left foot, right foot, left foot…), but hopefully soon I’ll be feeling back in shape enough for training-specific runs.  Do I hear “speed work”?  That’s it for now, but expect a race report, probably after the race.


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