It’s a No-Go

Well, I’d first like to say thanks to my only reader, who voted 17 times all 17 of you who voted in my poll about running the National Half Marathon. It really means a lot that you would find 17 different computers to vote from. That’s dedication. Thanks for taking a moment to cast your single vote in something so unimportant.

Anyway, through laziness, procrastination, and downright vigorous disinterest, it appears that the registration deadline has come and gone. Yes, it is true. As of 11:59pm on Pi Day (3/14 for the mathematically impaired), my participation in the race had evaporated into thin air like perspiration during a half marathon.


p style=”text-align:left;”>So, for the 18% of you who voted for me to “Save My Money”, today is your day to shine. You win by default, but a win is a win. (Kind of like

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this story from October where first place was disqualified for using a water bottle handed to her by a friend in the crowd, and 2nd place also being disqualified for listening to an iPod. So for those 18%, you are like third place!) As it were, I’ll continue my disorganized running schedule until a race presents itself. Hasta la pasta.

12 thoughts on “It’s a No-Go

  1. First, I want to say how much I enjoy your del/strike-through style – it adds such character and charm to your posts. Second, yay for a free Saturday and day of unexpected/unanticipated rest

  2. Evelyn says:

    I would just like to personally thank the 2 other people who voted No. I’m as good a cheerleader as any, but 6am is also a no-go 🙂

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