Put a Shirt On – Week 13 Review

Like I mentioned last week, the temps are starting to fall, which means running is getting more enjoyable.  When the thermometer weather.com says it’ll be in the upper 50s (!!!), you know things are going to be fabulous.  So fabulous in fact, I needed to put a shirt on.  I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but I haven’t worn a shirt while running in Texas since May.  I’ll allow you to absorb that sentence, react, and… compose yourself.  Ok, we good?  Good.

So, like I said, the weather has really started to accommodate this running hobby (finally), which meant more afternoon running.  The real superstar of last week was Hazel, who busted out a 4.2 mile jaunt.  Not knowing how far she’ll want to go, our runs together are comprised of 1-mile laps around the block, so it’s easy to let her stop when she’s bored.  Though I was the only one wearing a shirt, she was quite comfortable in the cooler weather.

The rest of the week was rather ho-hum, except for Saturday.  That’s when the animal was let out of its cage.  Scheduled for 18 miles with 14 at race pace, I ended up running 18 miles with about 17 faster than race pace.  If I can make that happen during the race, I think I’ll have a shot at beating a certain nemesis rival ex-roommate when it counts.  I realize, however, beating that certain someone won’t mean much unless I break his personal best from Chicago last year… 3:27:28.  Only time will tell.  Until then, onward to Week 14!

Distance Time Pace
Monday 5.31 Miles 48:02 9:03 min/mi
Tuesday 8.28 Miles 1:07:58 8:12 min/mi
Wednesday 9.51 Miles 1:19:03 8:18 min/mi
Friday 12.00 Miles 1:39:20 8:16 min/mi
Saturday 18.02 Miles 2:22:22 7:54 min/mi
Total 53.11 Miles 7:16:47 8:13 min/mi

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