Jalopy Rotisserie and Press

While Ev was out of town, I went on a bit of a food truck rampage, so it was only fitting that we visited another meal on wheels when she got back to Austin.  Our truck of choice?  The Jalopy Rotisserie and Press.  Their specialty?  Rotisserie chicken sandwiches.

We pulled into the parking lot with Hazel and walked up the stairs to the service window of the massive truck.  While looking over the menu, the owner, Nic, popped out and gave us a big hello and explained the specials and how they do things, all while snacking on some bacon*.  He eased Hazel’s anxiety by sharing his bacon and then went into the depths of his truck to prepare some samples for us.  A few minutes later he emerged with four sauce samples and delivered a wine-tasting-esque soliloquy of each.  At this point we three muskateers (me, Ev, Hazel) were impressed with the obvious care he was taking to make sure there was love at first bite.

I ended up choosing the Mole Chicken (Mexican) and Ev got the Son Hong (Asian).  Both topped with the same veggies, they each offered totally different flavors based on the same foundation.  The chicken was moist, as you could only expect from a home truck-brined, -stuffed, -roasted whole chickens, but what made the experience such a success was Nic.  We learned he has a finance degree, no formal culinary training, and that his “Mogwai**” sandwich is just a hodgepodge of leftovers from earlier in the week and offered to all the wasty-faces out for some late night debauchery.

No doubt we’ll be visiting again soon.  Next on the menu hit list will be the Jalopy Original to see where it all got started.  Oh, and I’m entitled to some free goodies thanks to Twitter, so you know I’ll be back soon!

Name Jalopy Rotisserie and Press
Specialty Rotisserie Chicken Sandwiches
Location 15th St and San Antonio St
Austin, TX 78701
Website http://jalopyaustin.com/
Twitter @JalopyAustin

*How could this not go well?
**from the movie Gremlins. Don’t feel bad, I didn’t catch the reference either.
***Also, there is a sandwich with bacon, bacon aioli, and more bacon, along with a little chicken.

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