Sushi A-Go-Go

Whenever moving to a new city, there are certain go-go-to places that you leave behind in your old home and have to discover in the new one.  For Ev and me this includes a solid Thai place, a great coffee shop, and somewhere to get delicious sushi.  In our 6 months in Austin we have found two places that consistently turn out fresh, creative sushi, so we’ve been pretty satisfied in the raw fish department.  That is, until we came across Sushi A-Go-Go.

No matter who you tell about Sushi A-Go-Go, you will always get the same bewildered, skeptical look as they realize you’re talking about sushi from a food cart.  Well let me quell any issues, questions, or concerns right here and now: the quality from Sushi A-Go-Go is on par with the best Austin has to offer.  And this place has a lot to offer, with a huge menu and daily specials making it hard to choose.  Well, that’s why they pay me the big bucks why you read this blog what I had to do in order to eat dinner.

The cart (barely) has room for one sushi master, and Také was sushi-ing it up on this particular Wednesday night.  After some typical indecision I ordered four rolls.  The Sunshine roll is a savory / sweet combo with salmon, avocado, and mango.  Very tasty, but benefited from the super spicy wasabi that comes with it.  The Trio roll is power-packed with tuna, salmon, and yellowtail, and really showed off the impressively fresh fish.  I was not so a-go-go for the Swamp roll, assembled with spicy crawfish and pickled okra.  The pickled-ness was a little too pickle-y for me, and the crawfish not spicy-y enough.  Lastly, the Texan roll was my favorite, which came as a bit of a surprise.  I think anyone would like this, since it’s made with cooked steak, absent of any raw fish, and has a delicious sauce.  It is huge, like everything in Texas I suppose, filled with lots of veggies, including candied jalapeños, and I have to mention the Green Texas sauce again.  Just make sure you practice unhinging your jaw before giving it a-go-go.

Until something comes along to unseat this food cart, Sushi A-Go-Go is our new go-go-to sushi place.  The fish is fresh, the servings are generous, and the price is right.  If you’ve thought of go-going to this cart but were turned away by the “raw fish in a cart” idea, fear not!  It is delicious, nutritious, and not sketchy fresh.  I dare you to try it and tell me you were disappointed.

Name Sushi A-Go-Go
Specialty Sushi
Location 4001 Medical Pkwy
Austin, TX 78756
Twitter @Sushi_A_Go_Go
Facebook Sushi A-Go-Go

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