Florida Here I Come

Well, kids, the soon-to-be missus and I are heading down over east to Florida for the big day.  It’s been a long time since that interrogatory run, and we couldn’t be more excited for December 4th to get here!  It’s going to be a jam-packed week full of last-minute planning, prepping, and partying.  Sprinkled in between the mayhem (for me at least) will be sleeping, running, and eating.  In second-to-last penultimate minute planning, Ev and I skeptically scoped out the SoFla food cart scene in case we do, in fact, find time to eat.  Much to our pleasant surprise, it appears to be fairly mobile-eatery abundant.

Being the fastidious feaster (emphasis on the ‘fast’) that I am, I worked hard (read: Googled) to find some potential food trucks to feed the mobile cravings.   As I mentioned, the scene in South Florida (Miami specifically) is pretty well developed.  I checked out all the media channels (read: Google) to find a few worth checking out.

Number one on our list is a little place called Latin Burger and Taco.  What made this black and pink truck stand out most was its inadvertent resemblance to home (Austin): a Longhorn logo and taco fusion.  Latin Burger and Taco is an all-star on the social scene too, dominating Facebook and Twitter much like a hometown favorite burger / taco giant, The Peached Tortilla.  If that’s not enough reason to give this place a try, how about that they infuse Latin flavors into their burgers and tacos for that South Florida twist.  There’s nothing like it here among the Korean-Mexican fusions, so I’m excited to see how it all works together.  Still not enough?  Then you’re gonna have to find another blog*.

Next on the want-to-try list is The Rolling Stove.  First, look how bad ass the truck looks.  What a BAMF rockstar!  The thing that caught my eye was the steak burger, not so much because I must have every steak burger I see, but because I need to know how it stacks up to one from Old School BBQ here in ATX**.  The steak burger here was epic, so The Rolling Stove has a high bar to meet.  Consider the gauntlet thrown.  And I can’t shake the need to try “Ron’s Bites” — thick cut potatoes, deep fried, and covered in cheese.  To be honest, their website could use some help, but as long as the food walks the walk, it doesn’t matter if the website talks the talk.

Last on the eats list is Nacho Bizness.  Their website is flashy, both because it has a lot going on and because it’s built with Flash***.  The main reason it made the list is its name; anytime you put “Nacho” in a sentence is fine by me.  Surprisingly, the menu primarily consists of tacos and burritos, and the only item that has the word nacho in it is the Nacho Breakfast Burrito.  No worries, I’ll just have to see how their tacos stack up to the heavy hitters in Austin.

What I’m really looking forward to is how the food truck fare compares between my old home and my new home.  One thing I found interesting was hours of operation.  Most of the trucks I found in Florida are open daily for lunch and dinner, closing up around 10pm.  Austin is another story, where most are open for lunch and dinner, and then fourth meal, closing up at 3am on the weekends.  I’ll be sure to report back which trucks, trailers, and carts I’m able to visit and a review for each.  Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!  And if you’re not religious, Happy Thanksgiving!

*No, please don’t go.  I didn’t mean it!  Stay, won’t you?  I’ll behave, I promise.

**ATX = Austin, Texas.  Contextually pretty obviously, but we had no idea why it was abbreviated ATX for the longest time (instead of AUS).

***Sorry, I couldn’t not make some sort of geeky word play connection with that one, especially for a place whose name is based on word play itself.

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